About business models

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about business models

refer Peter Drucker

  • who is your customer?
  • what does the customer value?
  • how do we deliver value at an appropriate cost?

refer Clay Christensen

  • what is the customer value proposition?
  • what is the profit formula?
  • what are the key resources?
  • what are the key processes?

refer Ramon Casadeus-masanell and Joan E Ricart

  • what are our choices?
    • governance
    • assets
    • policies
  • what are our consequences?
    • flexible consequences
    • rigid consequences

characteristics of effective business models

refer Rita Gunter McGrath

  • ones that create customer stickiness or loyalty
  • ones that create barriers to entry
  • ones that incentivise participation

competing on price

  • what is our customer value proposition?
    • pricing
    • payment scheme
    • type of offering
    • access options

  • profit formula
    • cost structure
    • revenue model
    • target unit margin
    • resource velocity

  • key processes
    • contract management
    • data visualization
    • event management